Programs include: Sprout Social, Hootsuite

I build social media strategies around each individual brand. I start with our (client’s) goals, audience (community), and current resources. By analyzing data gathered from a number of analytics tools, I am able to build a specialized social media content plan and schedule. Each social media platform caters to different audiences, and is fabricated from different content types. Some content functions more transactionally, while other content is more elaborate storytelling. The main priority is establishing a voice and an audience that is listening and engaged. Social media has grown to be the most powerful communications tool, a powerful space for organizers to build community, profit based companies to get their product to the consumer, and for friends and families to stay connected. In my work I prioritize not only how to communicate most effectively, but also what I’m communicating.


Portland State University Career Center

Growth within 1 year

  • 150% Organic Net Follower Growth
  • Organic Impressions are up 600%
  • Organic Engagements are up 85%

@raegerjaegan (personal account)

Rumm Studio


Portland State University Career Center


Portland State University Career Center

  • 550 organic net follower count
  • 7% engagement rate